Smart finances for smart startups

You’re passionate about your business and you know it better than anyone. But not everyone is an accounting genius – finances can seem the like the most daunting part of a business. We’ll help you set up a system to keep things simple, so you can focus on your business.


We specialise in startups

We live in the same fast-paced, ever-changing world as you. Accounting doesn’t have to feel slow and frustrating. We believe in short timelines, easy paperwork and good communication.

Automation and efficiency

Ninja Accountant gives you the tools to know your business inside-out. We’re fast, nimble, and we get the job done. We use cloud accounting technology (Xero accounting software) to streamline processes and cut costs.

We work best as a team

Collaboration is important to us. We’ll set up a system that works for you - one that you know how to manage. We want you to know your business better.

Cloud technology

We use Xero to make your business more efficient. It’s automated, paperless, fast, and accessible anywhere.

We’re nimble and agile

As a startup, you’re strapped for time and careful with funds. By using innovative technology and smart business practices, we make accounting streamlined and cost-effective.

We love what we do

We’re passionate about accounting. Which might seem a little crazy, but we’re just built that way.

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